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Our content is divided by our disease pillars which include arthritis and autoimmunity, heart and lung, mental health and ageing, obesity and diabetes, and cancer.

The guidance and advice is curated by our iOWNA medical board which is composed of leading UK consultants, using the clinician-patient engagement system (CPES).

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iOWNA Disease Pillars

Wellness Podcasts With Dr Millie:

Now more than ever, we need to better understand how we can achieve longevity. Throughout the year and in two seasons of my podcast, I’ve spoken to some fascinating people from different walks of life in my quest to discover the secret of longevity and help people live a longer, healthier life. This year has also taught us the importance of remembrance as we reflect back on those we’ve lost like my good friends Sarah Stenning and Chris Wilkinson, who I interviewed during the year.
In both seasons one and two of my podcast, I’ve highlighted various sectors of life which bring us longevity, including nature and the environment, colour and fragrance, the importance of eating healthily as food is our destiny, the focus on our thoughts and actions to bring wellness into our lives, as well as the necessity of purpose and vision.
Through these episodes, I hope you are also feeling inspired to achieve wellness in life and find your own road to a longer, healthier life.