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iOWNA has developed a distinct solution for the COVID-19 crisis, where patients find themselves socially distanced and with limited, remote access to their clinicians.

iOWNA has a text-based solution that delivers directly to patients a personalised, professional flow of information provided by a panel of leading clinician experts direct to the palm of their hand.

Our content is divided by our disease pillars which include arthritis and autoimmunity, heart and lung, mental health, obesity and diabetes, cancer and screening.

The guidance and advice is created by our iOWNA medical board which is composed of leading UK consultants. We have made prior outputs available for all via our open access here, but please also check out our useful links for up to date guidance as new knowledge is emerging day by day about COVID-19.

Featured Covid-19 Output

Coping with Quarantine

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Three years after you have been released from quarantine, you can still suffer from profound psychological effects. Elevated rates of mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress, depression and alcoholism, can all be traced back to the stress of confinement, three years earlier.

Podcast by Raj Persaud with Professor Neil Greenberg

Super Spreaders

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Covid-19 like many infections, can produce such mild symptoms, or maybe none at all, in some, so that they don’t realise they are infected; they then spread the contagion without realising it. This means that Covid-19 may be particularly prone to the disturbing phenomenon of the ‘super-spreader’.

Podcast by Raj Persaud with Susan Campbell Bartoletti

iOWNA Disease Pillars

Arthritis & Autoimmunity

Click here to open or download the iOWNA Guide on steroid injections 
Click here to open or download the iOWNA Guide for Patients on Immunosuppressants
Click here to view the webinar hosted by Alimera Sciences Managing High Risk Uveitis Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Heart & Lung

Click here to open or download the iOWNA Guide on Heart Disease
Click here to open or download the iOWNA FAQ’s On PPE and Occupational Hazards

Mental Health and Ageing

Click here to open or download the iOWNA Guide Psychology of Quarantine

Obesity & Diabetes



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Please note information about COVID-19 is emerging at a rapid pace thus it is important our guidance might change therefore we recommend the following trusted links as a source of core guidance.