iOWNA Disease Pillars

iOWNA focuses on 6 disease areas or ‘pillars’ which include arthritis and autoimmunity, heart and lung, mental health, obesity and diabetes, cancer, and screening. These pillars are overseen by iOWNA’s medical board who’s individual medical specialties largely lie within these.

iOWNA provides clinicians not only with established content but also with a library of its own curated material created by UK leading experts – all on a digital platform for sharing such information with patients. Clinicians also have the option to create their own content using the iOWNA editor.

Our Pillars

Arthritis and Autoimmunity

Heart and Lung

Mental Health and Ageing

 9 Doctors for The Circle of Life

Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity Part 1

Measures and Causes

Obesity Part 2

Effects, Treatment and Prevention

Obesity Part 3

 What's topical?