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Join the iOWNA team and be part of an innovative company

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Clinical Digital Fellowship

iOWNA is investing in a nationwide Clinical Digital Fellowship programme to empower doctors to use digital solutions to enhance the delivery of care and conduct research into its effectiveness.
Our aim is to expand our Digital Fellowship programme, if you feel as though you would fit well into the iOWNA culture and want to be a part of an innovative company and programme then please apply.

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Dr Ilaria Testi, Clinical Digital Fellow

Dr Ilaria Testi

Clinical Digital Fellow

We are delighted that Dr Ilaria Testi, working with Professor Carlos Pavesio, a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, is our inaugural Clinical Digital Fellow. Ilaria’s work will be focused around building the eye module and evaluating the impact of the digital delivery of information to patients on clinical outcomes.

Dr Sarah Qian, Clinical Digital Fellow

Dr Sarah Qian

Clinical Digital Fellow

We are excited to announce that Dr Sarah Qian will be joining the team as a Clinical Digital Fellow. Sarah is currently working as an Endocrinology and Diabetes fellow at University College London Hospital, having completed her medical degree and specialist training in Melbourne, Australia. Sarah will be working on building out the Endocrine module and learning about how medical technology can improve a patient’s healthcare experience.


Applications for our 2022 Summer Internship Programme are now open. If you are interested in this position, feel that you match the criteria and would like to be considered for an interview then please apply by sending us your CV and cover letter, making it clear why you want to join the iOWNA team. If successful at the interview stage, your responsibilities as an iOWNA intern will be tailored around your interests, prior experience and aspirations.

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Alice O'Gorman, research analyst 2020

Alice O’Gorman

Research Analyst – 2020

‘Working as an intern for iOWNA and being exposed to a start-up environment has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. I was given a variety of responsibilities from the outset, where I took a particular keen interest in providing support for users of iOWNA. The team at iOWNA provided consistent mentorship throughout my internship, helping to secure my confidence and foster my initiative when working within their team. It excites me to see what is next in store for iOWNA as it continues to evolve and thrive.’

Tommy Phillips, business analyst 2020

Tommy Phillips

Business Analyst – 2020

‘As an intern for iOWNA over summer, I worked on many different aspects of the business. These included sales, technology, data protection, and customer support. It was great to get exposure to the range of challenges that new businesses face. The team at iOWNA is very supportive and really values the contributions of interns. Interns at iOWNA do real work and make an impact on the
development of the company. For anyone interested in business, healthcare or technology, I would definitely recommend applying to iOWNA.’

Anja Ward, research analyst 2020

Anja Ward

Research Analyst – 2020

‘As a recent graduate, working as an intern at iOWNA has allowed me to gain experience and confidence across a range of business areas. I was given ownership of varied pieces of work, participated in workshops and included in a wide range of meetings, which has given me a valuable insight into the fast-paced working world of start-ups. With the close interaction and support from the founders of iOWNA and the positive ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’ attitude of the tech team, I feel like a valued member of the team and am delighted to have taken up a full time role within iOWNA as a Research Analyst. I look forward to what is next to come as iOWNA continues to surpass its milestones.’

Work Experience

The aim of work experience at iOWNA is to give Students an insight into the workplace by engaging in projects that add value to the individual and also to the company.
If you feel that you align with the iOWNA values and would like to be considered for a work experience placement then please apply by sending us your CV and cover letter, making it clear why you want to join the iOWNA team.

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Darcy Howard, work experience graduate

Darcy Howard

Work Experience Graduate

‘I initially started doing work experience with iOWNA in 2020 and recently progressed to an internship position. I was involved in content creation, cataloguing and uploading data for the dental pillar. I have also worked on branding content. During the regular progress and design meetings, I have had the opportunity to participate in discussions on a variety of the issues and express opinions on for instance, new designs for the mobile application.
Being an iOWNA intern offers me an opportunity to experience the exciting development of a start-up business in a highly innovative environment. I am learning so much that will be relevant to me when I graduate.’

Ava Keegan, work experience

Ava Keegan

Work Experience

‘When I was starting out doing work experience for iOWNA, I was worried that my lack of medical knowledge would put me at a disposition within the team however, I soon learned that within the iOWNA team you do not need to have a knowledge of medicine. I have helped with uploading content to the iOWNA database and various other tasks such as branding and research. One of the parts I really enjoy about iOWNA is the fact that they include everyone no matter if you have been a part of the company long or not. Another aspect of the team that is necessary to mention is the friendliness of everyone a part of the team. When I joined everyone was so welcoming and was willing to help me get settled and learn how different parts of the company works. Now that I am an intern, I look forward to continuing this experience and learning even further how a company such as iOWNA works.’