iOWNA, content curated by doctors, for clinicians* to give to patients

*(doctors, dentists, allied health professionals and complimentary therapists)

iOWNA is a digital app that provides clinicians with a library of trusted guidance in a patient friendly format that they have at their fingertips to distribute to their patients to improve outcomes and enable people live longer healthier lives 


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Our long-term vision is to enable people to live longer and maintain their health and wellness into old age.

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the relationship between clinician and patient enabling you to take ownership of your own health and wellbeing


world leading clinicians and patients to orchestrate integrated health and wellness plans


one of the first electronic platforms in secondary care to deliver an integrated health and wellness plan for you

“Very proud to be one of the successful launchpad companies selected in cohort 3! What an amazing opportunity – well done to my team and thanks to DigitalHealth.London”

Dr Millicent Stone CEO