Enabling people to live longer, healthier lives

iOWNA is a proven and user-friendly, independent digital support platform enabling information exchange from healthcare professionals to their patients.

A pink and green edged graphic bubble. Inside the drawing of a huge mobile phone with a heart image on the screen and a small man standing in front of it using his own phone.

iOWNA’s mission is to enable people to live longer healthier lives through improving clinical outcomes by providing clinicians with solutions for patient-centric interactions.

iOWNA can help save on clinician time by simplifying the communication between clinician and patient.

Clinician Need

Clinicians are busy, increasingly working remotely with increasing demands for clinical care delivery and clinical research/audit.
They want trusted information, organised by medical condition that is patient friendly and the digital tools to easily access and distribute information to patients.

A pink edged bubble graphic. Inside a drawing of a huge mobile phone with the image of a person and a heart on the screen and a small lady sitting at a desk using a keyboard
A green edged bubble graphic. Inside a drawing of a huge mobile phone with the image of a doctor on the screen and a small lady standing in front of it using her phone

Patient Need

Patients worry – they do not know what to believe; medical information is everywhere.
They want trusted guidance, provided by their clinician, specific to their condition, which they can understand and can easily access digitally.

Founder driven healthcare mission

A smiling Millicent Stone
Founder and CEO Dr Millicent Stone’s vision…

“iOWNA’s mission is to enable people to live, longer healthier lives by simplifying the complex web of communication in healthcare systems”


Clinician Feedback

Nicola Daly, Rheumatology Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Milton Keynes University Hospital

“Not only is iOWNA saving time but it provides patients with good quality up-to-date information”

”For me, iOWNA delivers a high quality of care remotely, patient consent and the information shared is clearly documented; and all the while we are tailoring our care and information sharing to the patients’ individual needs.”


Wendy, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist at Imperial College NHS Trust

“Our nursing team are able to use their time more effectively and we now have consistent information. I like everything about it!”

Dr Deirdre Buckley, Consultant Dermatologist

“I can’t live without iOWNA now. The ability to quickly compile bundles or single documents for distribution has improved my consultations and reduced secondary administrative burden.”


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