A solution for clinicians to manage personalised patient-centric interactions.

iOWNA is a secure cloud-based platform that enables two-way trusted information exchange between clinicians and patients to improve patient experience and outcomes. We call this a clinician-patient engagement system (CPES). iOWNA is useful in both the clinical care and clinical research environments.

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iOWNA’s mission is to enable people to live longer healthier lives through improving clinical outcomes by providing clinicians with solutions for patient-centric interactions.

Clinician Need

Clinicians are busy, increasingly working remotely with increasing demands for clinical care delivery and clinical research/audit.
They want trusted information, organised by medical condition that is patient friendly and the digital tools to easily access and distribute information to patients.

A pink edged bubble graphic. Inside a drawing of a huge mobile phone with the image of a person and a heart on the screen and a small lady sitting at a desk using a keyboard
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Patient Need

Patients worry – they do not know what to believe; medical information is everywhere.
They want trusted guidance, provided by their clinician, specific to their condition, which they can understand and can easily access digitally.

iOWNA Solution

A clinician-patient engagement system (CPES) that facilitates a two-way digital exchange of trusted information.

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Top Tips For A Longer Healthier Life

As we come to the end of 2021, now more than ever, we need to better understand how we can achieve longevity. Throughout the year and in two seasons of my podcast, I’ve spoken to some fascinating people from different walks of life in my quest to discover the secret of longevity and help people live a longer, healthier life. This year has also taught us the importance of remembrance as we reflect back on those we’ve lost like my good friends Sarah Stenning and Chris Wilkinson, who I interviewed during the year.
In both seasons one and two of my podcast, I’ve highlighted various sectors of life which bring us longevity, including nature and the environment, colour and fragrance, the importance of eating healthily as food is our destiny, the focus on our thoughts and actions to bring wellness into our lives, as well as the necessity of purpose and vision.
Through these episodes, I hope you are also feeling inspired to achieve wellness in life and find your own road to a longer, healthier life.

A smiling Millicent Stone
Dr Millicent Stone, CEO

I was inspired to set up iOWNA as my mission is to enable people to live longer, healthier lives, and having trusted patient friendly guidance at my fingertips to send to my patients is a key step towards achieving that mission.

A smiling Luke
Professor Luke Howard

iOWNA allows me to create and use my own material or that of others and within a few clicks I can send it to an individual patient or hundreds, all in one go. It’s very straightforward and self-explanatory.

A smiling Adrian
Adrian Grimshaw, COO

I am enjoying the experience of working in the health sector and am delighted with the rapid progress we have made in delivering the innovative iOWNA platform.

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