Content curated by doctors, for clinicians to give to patients

iOWNA is a digital app that provides clinicians with a library of trusted guidance in a patient friendly format that they have at their fingertips to distribute to their patients. iOWNA helps improve outcomes and enables people to live longer healthier lives.

Our vision is to help improve patient outcomes so people live longer, healthier lives by being a world leading source of trusted, patient friendly guidance.

Clinician Need

Clinicians are busy, increasingly working remotely with a plethora of highly technical medical information.
They want trusted information, organised by medical condition that is patient friendly and the digital tools to easily access and distribute information to patients.

Patient Need

Patients worry – they do not know what to believe; medical information is everywhere.
They want trusted guidance, provided by their clinician, specific to their condition, which they can understand and can easily access digitally.

iOWNA Solution

Our medical experts curate trusted, patient friendly information and the iOWNA digital platform enables easy exchange of this information with patients.

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