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Why Healthcare Practitioners Have So Little Time These Days – and How iOWNA is Changing The Game.

In the fast-paced realm of healthcare, practitioners are continually pressed for time, navigating a web of complex communication systems. This struggle is particularly pronounced in the NHS, where professionals are faced with increasing demands and limited resources. Amidst this challenge, innovative solutions like iOWNA are playing a pivotal role in revolutionising the way healthcare professionals interact with their patients.

iOWNA’s core mission revolves around enabling patients to live longer, healthier lives by simplifying the intricate web of communication within healthcare systems. The digital patient support platform acts as a bridge, facilitating seamless information sharing between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their patients.

iOWNA’s impact on healthcare is tangible, especially in cases where managing complex therapeutics with adverse side effects is a challenge. Partnering with a major pharmaceutical company, iOWNA provided its digital information exchange platform, addressing the struggles faced by clinical teams in effectively managing and communicating with patients. This resulted in improved adoption and adherence to the therapeutic.

An example of iOWNA’s effectiveness is its integration into the patient care pathway at Hammersmith. By offering a consistent and data-centric process, iOWNA transformed the way patients receiving the therapeutic were managed. Digital forms sent to patients in advance of their weekly phone consultations captured crucial information, allowing clinicians to have focused calls and provide personalised content, including information leaflets and videos.

iOWNA’s platform goes beyond traditional communication methods. Healthcare professionals can directly share self- and community-generated multimedia content, such as leaflets, forms, and videos, with their patients. This not only improves information exchange but also empowers patients with a deeper understanding of their treatments.

As we grapple with the time constraints faced by healthcare practitioners, solutions like iOWNA offer a beacon of hope. By streamlining communication, providing valuable data, and enhancing patient engagement, iOWNA is contributing to a more efficient and effective healthcare system in the UK.