dr millicent stone and dr luke howard speaking at the 2023 reuters pharma event

iOWNA CEO Professor Millicent Stone & Dr Luke Howard of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust speak at Reuters Pharma Digital Health Europe 2023.

Dr. Luke Howard from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Professor Millicent Stone from iOWNA recently took centre stage at the Reuters Event Pharma Digital Health Europe 2023, presenting a groundbreaking talk on simplifying medication adherence through digital tools.

Their collaborative presentation showcased how digital solutions like iOWNA can revolutionise healthcare delivery, particularly in the realm of medication adherence. By leveraging innovative technology, healthcare providers can streamline complex drug regimens and enhance clinical outcomes for patients.

Dr. Howard and Professor Stone’s talk highlighted the importance of collaboration between healthcare providers and technology experts in driving innovation forward. Through their partnership, they demonstrated the potential of digital tools to transform patient care and improve overall health.

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